Connect the Vantact SoftPhone application to your extension. [iOS/Android Only]
Posted by Chris P. on 21 October 2020 11:09 AM

Connect your extension using Vantact’s SoftPhone App

Visit, and enter your log-in information.

Click on the PHONE SYSTEM TAB and then on Manage PBX

Click on Mobile App on the same column as the extension you would like to register.


Once prompted you will have two options.

If you are in possession of the mobile phone you would like to register the extension on:

1. Click on the download link to your phone's respective app store. 

2. Once you downloaded, open the Vantact Cloud Softphone App

3. When prompted, click on QR code and scan the QR code on the screen of your computer.


If you are on the mobile phone or are trying to register another user:

1.  Enter the email of the person you are trying to register in the "Send registration information to email" field.

2. Click Send

3. Open the email, and click on your phone's respective app store and download the Cloud Softphone App. 

4. Once installed, go back to the email and click on the "Step 2: Click here" link. 

5. The link should open the App and provision your credentials automatically.




You can download Vantact's Unified Communication Softphone user guide here. User Guide