How to enable/disable Call Forwarding
Posted by Iulian Lica on 23 November 2016 03:33 PM

Call forwarding is used when you want to direct the calls to your extension and send it to another extension or cell phone.


To enable the call forward you need to use *71 √. The system will prompt you for the number ending with #.


Example: *71 √. 225#. This will send all calls from your extension to extension 225.


To disable the call forward you have to use *72 √. The system will play a message indicating the feature has been disabled.


Note: There are other call forward types that can be activated based on the context you are looking for (Call forward All, Call forward on busy, Call forward on No Answer). All the appropriate codes are below.


Call Forward All (Activate): *71
Call Forward All (Deactivate): *72
Call Forward Busy (Activate): *73
Call Forward Busy (Deactivate): *74
Call Forward No Answer (Activate): *75
Call Forward No Answer (Deactivate): *76


Busy status refers to Do Not Disturb (DND) and while you are on call.

No Answer refers to the user not answering the call before the time-out occurs.